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See The World

on March 6, 2015

After my mother died I wasn’t left with much. She had always been a person who just drifted around; growing up, I remember she had at least 3 jobs at a time, always changing. When she died, it was sudden, but I took solace knowing that at least we were close when she died. I didn’t have enough money to provide a funeral but someone held a similar ceremony for her at one of the bars she worked at. I was amazed, she had so many friends; people from all over the state came, all donating money to me, the amount was a large lump sum. I grew up poor, and thought I should do something special with it. Looking back, my mother had friends from all over and she always seemed happy. I thought I should get out in the world and see more like she did.

An old friend at the time called me from Toronto and said I should come up and hang with him, since I didn’t have anything going on and wanted to try something new. When I planned out the trip, I was torn between a hotel or a hostel. I decided on the hostel, it seemed cheaper. Toronto as a city was nice. However, city itself was not really the highlight of the trip, the hostel was.

Now, I have been to a few hostels after this, but I can say that this one was really unique. In the building they had a commons room that people could meet and hang with each other, everyone made breakfast, but they would also drink and talk. I met people from all over the world; in one room I could talk with people from Italy to Bulgaria. I made such good friends I brought some of them home with me.

Going on that trip made me want to go meet more people from all over the world and experience different cultures in person. So, after looking up some of the best places to travel with a friend, we decided on South Korea. He had been there before, so at least I would have someone with me to help understand things. He left about a week or two before me, my trip was for 3 months. I had only packed a book bag worth of stuff. When I got there, he said that he met some girl, he was moving down south with her and he wouldn’t be around to help me out. I couldn’t go with him, though; the southern city was expensive. At first this seemed like it would be a bad thing, but for the next three months I had the best time of my life. I lived off the streets, I stayed in a hostel 2 nights, I’d stay at houses of friends I made. I essentially lived my life by making friends and was learning their culture better than I had been before I was on my own.

I believe one should travel, learn how other cultures live and do this all while you have a chance.


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