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Stability Caring and Friendship

on February 23, 2015

I believe in selflessness. More specifically I believe in being there for someone who needs you to be a pillar in his or her life.

Having lost my grandmother last year, I needed the comfort and assurance of someone important to me being there for me. I can remember the rough days after her passing, and how being able to lean on someone stable like a pillar was exactly what I needed. So, when I heard my buddy Anthony got hit by a drunk driver on his motorcycle and as a result of the accident he was going to loose his leg. I knew what I needed to do, I knew I had to be a stable pillar to keep his foundation from crumbling around him and him fall deeper into a depression. So I was right there by Anthony’s side, and with not having that specific situation happen to me I could not imagine the absolutely terrific pain, and emotional toll loosing a leg could be. I did know what was instrumental in my recovery so I gave my friend my time, and genuine effort towards making him happier.

In a tragic event you find out the people that actually care about you, and they will be the ones invested in your wellbeing. With Anthony’s situation I made the effort to at least come five days a week for no less than two hours, to be with him in the hospital. I would constantly check in on Anthony, being there for someone means more than the face-to-face meetings. I would have texting conversations with him until three in the morning about anything that was on his mind, from pain to the mental stress of the situation. After becoming a bigger part of Anthony’s life I began to develop more of a brotherly connection with him. When Anthony talks to me, he tells me how he feels with no holding back of any emotion. As a friend Anthony just knows that there are no judgments, only support on the receiving end of his words. It is self-rewarding to be apart of someone’s life in such a positive way. Words cannot describe how much this meant to me as a friend to help Anthony. Me specifically had given someone happiness that was drowning in sadness before.

Being a constant positive figure in a person’s life comes with a heavy weight, but it is always worth it when you are making someone’s life better. It has provided me a sense of self worth now that I have been making a concerted effort in helping someone in a crappy situation. No matter how profound a situation, it shows good character if you genuinely care, listen and even give a helping hand to someone who needs it. Its a heart-warming feeling knowing that you made someone’s life is better just because you made an effort. To be there for the person and simply listen to what’s going on with no judgment, or qualms towards them can be extremely therapeutic to the person who needs it. All anyone wants when in a struggle is someone to listen to him or her, so why not be the person to help them get through their particular struggle? Beautifully put in a quote I read on pintrest “there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” I believe in this quotes core meaning of how it is a beautiful thing to help people!


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