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Peace in The Soul

on February 23, 2015

Peace in the Soul

As an only child growing up sharing or giving up something was not always the easiest. I never really had anyone to share with or give up things too.

Giving back to society is something many citizens do every day. Whether it is through charities, volunteering, or one on one favors. When someone does you a favor or gives back to you with no warning it leaves a sense of appreciation towards that individual, and in some cases you may look at that person with admiration. Abstract from having a favor done for you is doing that favor. When you do a favor for someone, afterwards you feel a sense of self-worth, confidence and peace within yourself because you have done something out of your own appreciation for someone else.

It was an ordinary day for me at work. A middle aged man came through my line with three items that added up to around $3.50. He started counting out the only form of payment he had which was change. He came up around .50 cents short and without hesitation I took the .50 cents out of my pocket that I had personally and handed it to him. The look on his face almost read as if he had received a million dollars. Not only did I make his day, he made mine from the great appreciation he shown me from giving up my .50 cents and giving it to him with a smile on my face.

With working at a grocery store, my days are not always the easiest. There is always that one customer that has complaint after complaint. After I had gave him that .50 cents I felt like a million dollars. He walked out of that store with the biggest smile I have ever seen on a face, I could without a doubt tell I made that gentleman’s day. That is what makes me more than happy. Not only did I myself realize what I had did, the couple of customers behind him had praised me for my actions. In the end, the situation had been mentioned to the manager of the store and I was praised even more for my actions. Every day that I am stressed out at work I look back at this situation and think to myself “sharing is caring” even if it’s the sharing of kindness from one to another, and to be totally honest I don’t find myself having many stressful days at work anymore.

The feeling of sharing is unbelievable because in the end people realize you are caring and in return you get something out of it. Some people may even learn from it and decide to take action themselves. My point is that when you give back to someone maybe even a complete stranger, out of your own will it creates peace in your soul mainly because of the admiration and praise you receive afterwards. Giving back to an individual you don’t even know creates a barrier of trust between you and the individual, and where there is trust there is peace.

I believe in sharing is caring.


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