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Passing On Happiness

on February 23, 2015

I believe that being happy and sharing this feeling makes you and others around feel good.

I remember as if it happened last weekend, a busy day at working at Woodman’s, lines at every checkout lane filled with impatient customers. I have just worked four weekends in a row, all 8 hour shifts and I worked overtime twice. Impatient customers plus irritated employees doesn’t equal happy days. As I returned to my department from my break, trying to figure out how I could get through all the customers, I heard a voice say, “Excuse me sir?” I turned to see a short elderly woman with a smile on her face, she asked me for help. I became a bit irritated because I thought she was going to ask me about a product or ask me where something was located, I thought I was going to have to walk her through the sea of people to find the one item that she needed. However I was wrong, there were some bottles of juice at the back of the top shelf that she could not reach. I grabbed one for her and she asked for another. I’m not the tallest nor do I have the longest arms, so I really had to reach out for the second bottle. I was prepared to just quickly walk away and get back to my work once I gave her the bottle. But once I gave it to her I saw the look on her face. Her smile was big as her face lit up with joy. “Thank you very much,” she said to me, I replied, “No problem ma’am,” as I returned to my department walking through the crowd with a smile on my face.

Here was this little old lady by herself on a Saturday, shopping and walking through all these people, yet she was so kind and gracious. To think an elderly woman especially, since most elderly customers are the pickiest and sometimes rude, made my day for taking the time to do her a favor in the middle of a busy day. Once I returned to my department, I got to work and was happy and didn’t hesitate to help any other customers at all. Whenever I get irritated at work, I think about that day I helped that woman and made her happy.

People can get so upset and angry over the littlest things, but why stress over it? Stay positive and be happy because that can always make someone’s day. People go through rough days and all they need is someone there to make them happy. I didn’t think helping the little old lady was a big deal, but it turns out it meant a lot for her to see a “young man” take the time to do something nice for her. The littlest things do mean a lot to others, and being happy and sharing this feeling makes you and others around feel good, this is what I believe.


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