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Overcoming Fears

on February 23, 2015

I believe in overcoming your fears.

I think that most would agree that fear is a major reason as to why people don’t go, or fully go for what they want to achieve.

Talent floated throughout my high school ballet class. Wanting to have the steps perfect didn’t help me at all when it came down to splitting up into groups of 4. In those groups of 4 we would recite these 24 count combinations previously taught at the beginning of ballet class. Me, I was afraid of looking silly and/or being laughed at for not catching on to some of the combinations. Not feeling confident or good enough, I wouldn’t dance full out or at all. I wanted to give up every day. I often questioned myself a lot. “Bigger, you need to dance bigger. No one cares if you’re little.” My dance teachers would always tell me. In my mind, comfort zone is what it all came down to and “comfortable” is something that I was not during ballet class.

We’d frequently get to watch The Milwaukee Ballet dance around our marley covered floor so effortlessly in their pretty neutral colored ballet attire. They looked extremely elegant. I loved and was inspired by every minute of it. I knew, in my mind that it could be me. Not as experienced but I knew I could dance effortless and look as elegant while doing so. So, I started thinking that if I never tried dancing, regardless if I knew the steps or not I would never know my strengths. Not over night, but day by day I began to do little things to step out of my comfort zone. Little things such as trying to dance bigger and actually going for ballet leaps and jumps. I began to stand somewhere in front of class when we’d come to the middle of the marley floor. I’d ask more questions and ask my teachers to repeat steps. I pep-talked myself a lot before class started. I had begun to realize that it wasn’t about looking silly but it was about perfecting my craft which at the time was dance.

Within a month or two into the semester, stepping out of my comfort zone daily in ballet class began to feel completely normal. I had overcame the fear of looking “silly”. I began to get more positive feedback from my teachers when they would critique us. I looked forward to those groups of 4. Before being told to get into groups of 4 some of the girls in the class would say that they wanted me in their group. I realized that practice makes perfect but I was not perfect so making mistakes was inevitable in my learning process. I learned to let go of fear and go for it. Not only ballet but in all areas of life.


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