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I Believe in Second Chances

on February 23, 2015

I believe that every dog, no matter their background or reputation, deserves a second chance. A couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I stopped at a shelter, “Just to look.” The week before, he had changed his mind from wanting a golden Retriever to wanting a Rottweiler. I love dogs, and I had been trying to persuade him to get one for months. We stopped at a shelter one the ride home from school, and as soon as we stepped through the door, we were greeted by a Rottweiler/Lab mix named “Astro.” My boyfriend loved him at first sight, and told him to “sit.” Astro listened. I think every single one of the dogs in the shelter were barking, but Astro wasn’t. We left after, thinking of reasons not to rescue the dog. He was a large dog, and only one year old, and still needed a lot of leash training. We live in Milwaukee, so there isn’t a lot of yard space to run around.

Three days later, after both of his roommates had met Astro, we took him home. He was renamed “Reggie” after Reggie White of the Packers. He seemed nervous at first, but soon warmed up to us. We trained him how to shake, high five, roll over, and play dead. He was the smartest, nicest dog I have ever met.

One night, my boyfriend, his roommate Ryan, and I were sitting in the living room with Reggie. It was about 1am, and we were talking and joking around. All of the sudden, we heard someone outside. The doorknob on the front door, which was out of sight from where we were sitting, started jiggling. We were silent. Then Reggie started barking, and his bark is scary. We looked out the window and saw someone walking down the driveway, quickly, away from the house. We then realized that we could have just been robbed, because we all aren’t always home late at night, and if Reggie hadn’t been there, who knows what could have happened?


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