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Always Moving Forward

on February 23, 2015

Scott Jahnke

Dr. Seas


22, February 2015

Always Moving Forward

I believe that no matter the odds, it is critical to always strive for your goals.

Golf, like all sports is very unpredictable. You never know what is right around the corner. Unpredictable best describes my personal and team outcome during a postseason golf tournament round my senior year of high school. I woke up the morning of May 28, 2013 expecting bigger things than ever; a first and only chance at state, every high school athletes’ main goal. For me, on this day, it was expected. It was a certainty in my mind that we would succeed. We still needed to prove it over 18 holes on that rainy, cold, and damp morning. Playing in the three spot on my team, I watched as my teammates started, rather shaky and uneasy as if the nerves were too much to handle early on. My name was then announced and I stepped to the first tee, driver in hand. It was time to go. Planning a nice little fade off the left bunker, I turned it over right to left instead and pulled it into the water hazard running parallel to the opening hole. The start of the round was definitely not ideal, but remained plenty of time to shake the nerves and put up a good score. That was the plan at least. As I tried to settle in, things were not going well for us. By the time I reached the tenth hole, a tricky par-five with water, I sat at seven over par and our team, in worse shape, was on our way to a loss sitting eleven shots back halfway through the round. As I pondered whether or not to hit the driver, knowing that was a big reason for my poor play, it truly hit me that it is time to get this thing going or we would be going home. Things then slowly started to shift our way. Bogeys on the front nine were turning into pars and birdies on the back. We had a shot. I worked my way through the beautiful nature of the course to arrive at the par-three seventeenth hole elevated hundreds of feet into the sky. A birdie wouldn’t hurt that’s for sure and that’s exactly what happened. Closing strong gave me confidence that we would complete the comeback as we had our best two players yet to finish. Sure enough, they finished it off and we completed a much unexpected comeback to earn a place in the state tournament the following week. Proud would be an understatement.

Always striving for your best in anything you do is a valuable thing to have. My teammates and I, very easily, could have thrown in the towel after the rocky start. You never really know what can happen. All you can do is continue to battle until you reach your goals. It seems kind of silly to me to start something without a plan to finish it or come up short. You would be surprised what you can accomplish if you are determined to success. You owe it to yourself to give everything your very best and not stopping until goals are reached and the job is done. You will not regret working a little harder to get there or even adapting your goals and dreams in situations if needed. After all, the world, like athletics is a rather unpredictable place and you never know what could happen.


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