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Love is worth a lifetime of memories

on February 21, 2015

I believe that you can die from a broken heart.

Ever since I was a child, family has meant the world to me. Watching my great grandparents love one another and be with each other every day for 56 years, made me want the same kind of relationship when I am older. The love of two beautiful people that laughed daily and cared for another as if nothing else mattered, this was an inspiration to watch.

My great grandmother dealt with a lot of pain, going in and out of the hospital occasionally because of Parkinson’s disease. My family going to sit by her every day showed me at a young age what love is. Love was being with someone during the good times and the hardships no matter the situation. My great grandfather was always by her side, watching over her and getting her anything she needed. What was the greatest to me, was seeing my great grandfather not treat her any different when she was sick, he loved her so much and all he wanted was to be by her side.

After being in the hospital for a while the doctors said that she could go home and a nurse would come to the house and take care of her. This would be easy for my great grandfather to not drive around and be able to be right by her side. It gave them the ability to be in their own home and for everyone to come and visit with them.

My great grandfather was in the hospital suddenly because of a mild heart attack. He was very sick, my great grandmother came to the hospital and sat by him and held him. When I saw her hold his hand and not want to ever let go, it showed me that she was holding on for him this whole entire time.

She looked at my great grandfather that night and said, “John I love you and I will be with you soon.”

She had loved him every day they were together and he loved her. When my great grandfather died that next day, it was heart breaking for my family. I myself have never cried that much in my life, my great grandfather was a wonderful man and always was kind hearted and funny through his entire life.

After a few weeks my great grandmother started to give up more and she was getting a lot sicker. I remember going and visiting with her and remembering the last days we had with her.

She looked at us one evening and said “My husband is gone, I have a broken heart.” These few words is all she would say when she was around all of the family, she really wanted to be with my great grandfather.

She didn’t say much her last days but my grandmother told me that she saw my great grandmother look up and say “God please take me to my husband.”

I truly believe that my great grandmother died from a broken heart. She was holding on for my great grandfather and when he left, all she wanted was to be by his side again.

Being together for 56 years, loving one another, crying with one another and being there through all of the moments. He stayed strong for her through all the hard times, all she wanted to do was to stay strong for him. A lifetime of moments is worth a million of memories in a relationship.

I believe you can die from a broken heart.


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