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Wrestling With Decisions

on February 20, 2013

As a defensive football player in high school, my defensive football coach suggested that I should go out for the wrestling team to get tougher and improve my football skills. In my mind, thinking about that going to wrestling would be ruining my chances of missing workout sessions in the winter. My view was that getting stronger would help me be successful next fall on the football field. I thought that wrestling was going to be in the way for me to be involved with football team for the rest of the school year.

My coach believed that participating in other sports except golf would be helpful to be prepared more for your sport. By taking the coach’s advice, I went to go try out for
the wrestling because I was afraid to say no to my coach.

Next day, I was in wrestling for the first time as a junior. We had practice in the second gym in the school. I was really nervous about this experience because the only wrestling I had ever seen is wwe. We ran around the mats to get warm up and stretch to be prepared for practice.

After preparing, we had to wrestle an individual at our certain weight class. I was matched up with one of my football teammates that were already on the wrestling team.
I feared that was going to hurt going against an experience wrestler because I had more football instincts than wrestling. I was doing ok during the match up until I was taken down to mat. I felt like a sitting duck trying to get up from my base. My teammate was a strong and muscular wrestler that was dominating me. He got flat me on my stomach and then pinned me. I had to escape from the pin but I was clueless on what to do. I felt a tight squeeze by my teammate’s arm. I started to panic because it was really hurting my head and neck. I cried my eyes out so he can get off. I found out that wrestling was not going to be a walk in the park. I felt more determine to improve as a wrestler.

Throughout the season, I realized that the decisions I make will determine my success as an individual throughout my life.
I believe in building character


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