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Separated by Differences, United by Beliefs

The Rock to Everything

on February 20, 2013

Patricia Krumenacher, my grandma, was not only my best friend, but also the rock to our family. This amazing lady kept together all 40-sum of us. She was the type of women anyone would have loved to meet because of her genuine personality and very contagious laugh. She’s one that you could talk to on days on end and never get bored and know she was listening to every word. Whether it was just talking to talk, or talking because she was the only one you felt comfortable talking to, she was always there for you.

One night a week, I would call my grandma to talk about my week or to tell her about something important that may have happened in school. No matter what it was that we would talk about, our conversations lasted an hour or more. My grandma was the number one person in my life. She and I had this special bond that could not be compared to. What I remember the most was always doing homework with her, reading to her before my bedtime and her being the one to fall asleep, and playing old maid or go fish. She still holds a big portion of my heart.

Half way through 5th grade year, our whole family found out devastating news. Her breast cancer had come back for a 3rd time. Even though this was so devastating, she was the biggest fighter I knew and had extreme faith she could again, kick cancers ass. Sadly, that wasn’t the case this time. Half way through 7th grade, my grandma learned the cancer had spread and she was dying. I was absolutely terrified. She was my only person I felt I could talk to. She was the rock to our family. Who was I going to talk to? Who was going to keep our family so close and together? So many questions were running through my head.

My grandma started getting weaker. Knowing the fight was over, she moved into a hospice where she shortly thereafter passed away.  I felt like my world was coming to an end. I had just lost my best friend.

As our family grieved and helped each other through this difficult time, I noticed my grandma was sending me a message showing me what I now believe in today. I believe in the power of family.  Since her death, other situations have come up and through those times, I’ve received outpouring love and support from my cousins, aunts and uncles. We are able to continue to have family gatherings and carrying on traditions started by my grandma. Even though my grandma was the rock to our family, she showed me, what it truly means to be family. Through the good and the bad, we stick together and are always there for one another. Even without her here today, she guides me to the right person to talk to, reminding me that my family is and will always be there for me.


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