This We Believe

Separated by Differences, United by Beliefs

God Made Us Sisters, Heroin Made Us Friends

on February 20, 2013

As I stood in line at the county jail, I remember how angry I was, how embarrassed I was.  I had told myself I would never come see her here and yet here I was.  How could she end up here for playing around with drugs, we all got the talk about how drugs are bad.  And really, heroin? She must be some kind of new stupid, I thought.  I got to the front of the line and I’m asked,

“What’s your first and last name and who are you here to visit”

Embarrassment and anger flared up inside of me again, but I was already there so I decided to finish going through the process, I responded with my name and told them I was here to see my sister.  The lady didn’t even look up from her computer.  I went through the door and found myself in a room full of TV monitors and phones.  I sat down at the numbered monitor that the woman directed me to and picked up the phone but I was not prepared for what came next.

There was my little sister in an orange jumpsuit, her beautiful long hair was cut off and she was so happy to see me.  This made me angrier; I remember thinking how I couldn’t believe how much anger I could hold inside of me.  I had 20 minutes to talk to her and 20 minutes to build up more anger towards her and everyone else.  As our time came to an end she said “I love you” and started to cry, and the picture faded from the screen.

As I got in my car, I felt so tired and worn out from all the anger I held inside.  Then as I turned the car on, God played a song on the radio just for me.  It was called forgiveness by Mathew West.

I immediately started crying and then I couldn’t stop.  Right then and there I decided to forgive her.  She has made her share of mistakes and she continues to make them but she will always be my sister, my family.  I have made my own mistakes too, so who am I to judge someone else because their sin is different than mine?  When we think of life we always hear, life is short, that who knows what will happen tomorrow.  I realized that day life is too short to let anger rule it.  I still find it hard especially since I am so stubborn and once I make up my mind it is very hard to change it, but I have learned to believe in forgiveness.  Let forgiveness in.


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