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Built to Last: A Friendship Created by Rock N’ Roll

on February 20, 2013

We were 18 years old, standing in the front row, singing every word of every song. I think it’s safe to say, we got the rock n roll blues! This is the start of the story of how two young men took a simple connection of liking the same music and made it into a great friendship. I believe that music is an extremely powerful force in building lasting friendships. The most important thing music gave to me was the opportunity to find a person that I could trust and call my best friend.

My friend and I met at Muskego High School our junior year. Picture two of the shyest guys in a school of 1,500 people. Throughout four years we only ended up having one class together. The odds were stacked against us, but we saw that we shared a common interest, music! Through music we built what has become a great friendship that has given us more than we probably thought it would 6 years ago.

Anyone who likes music understands that it affects our day to day activities. Music has the ability to change moods and help people through hard times. Often times people miss the underlying situation music can create for us: an opportunity to build lasting friendships. Music can be a common denominator between people and generally speaking just about everyone has an interest in music. Like I previous stated, the odds of my friend and I meeting and becoming friends were slim. But because of music we hang out all of the time, go to concerts together and partake in the afternoon ruckus of watching a football game. We based a friendship on a passion we shared and I honestly believe that the people who struggle to find good quality friends should do the same thing I did.

I continue to find ways to integrate music into my life as well as the lives of others. I have such a great understanding of the music that I love that it is important to me to share this understanding with others. I usually end up encountering some great people I can share my passion for music with. I think that if people voice their interests and passions to others, they will have the ability to connect with more people than they ever thought was possible.

When all is said and done, because of the power of music I was able to open the door to a new part of my life that a lot of people struggle with: finding true friendship. Friendship is an important part of many people’s lives and through music; anyone can find a best friend!


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