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Separated by Differences, United by Beliefs

Belief Itself

on February 20, 2013

I believe in the Bible, and I used to wonder if my belief came too easily.  My family has attended church as long as I can remember.  I was brought up in Sunday school where I heard the Gospel message and made lasting friendships.  In the 5th grade, I came to accept the Gospel on my own after reading a fictional series depicting the Book of Revelation’s “end of days” theme.  After which I prayed to God that he would save my soul, and from that point of I have grown steadily in faith.  That’s what I call my 30 second testimony.

This testimony fit perfectly during High School.  My grades were good, my moral was high, I set goals and accomplished them, I was involved all over the community, and people considered me a leader.  I testified my belief through involvement in church and the high school chapter of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  All of the encouragement and success gave me little reason to doubt my belief.

However, it was in college that I found the diversity that rural America does not offer.  It was there that I met many people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles; many who did not share my belief, and this caused me to consider the path that I took to attain that very belief.  Was it all too simple?  Was I simply in the right conditions (coincidental or not) to be set up for that belief?  There have been many a testimony telling the tale of hardship and struggle before coming to Christ, but in my case I simply believed.

The summer following my freshman year of college, I found my answer.  I had plenty of spare time while on the job as a valet at the local lake club.  Time that I spent reading what many Christians might claim they don’t read enough: the Bible.  Within it I found and rediscovered so many parables and lessons that had rung true to me throughout my life.

Looking back I see that I doubted what was and still remains most important to me, my belief, a belief in which I hadn’t ever doubted before.  My belief explains to me the diversity that I encountered, and it guides my life.  The creation of my belief didn’t require life altering circumstances or tragic tales of depressing circumstances, but instead I see that I had the great fortune of coming to that belief in a simple manner.  Such a short testimony shares the fortune that I had in obtaining what lengthy testimony bearers realized they were missing for so long, and so I believe in the Bible.


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