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More Than a Game

on February 29, 2012

I was in fifth grade playing on the St. Bernard’s boys basketball team. Already in fifth grade, people could tell that this group of boys were a really talented bunch, and would be something someday if they stuck together. They were just a group of boys who love to play the game of basketball.

It was half way through our fifth grade season when we had to play against the sixth grade boys’ team from St. Henry’s. Whenever anyone had to play against a sixth grade team when they were in fifth, they were always the underdog.  But we weren’t like most fifth grade teams, we wanted to win that game more than anything, and would do anything to get the win.

Throughout the whole game it was back forth but we were always trailing. Even though they were only one year older than us, they were bigger, stronger, and faster. That didn’t seem to bother any of us; we just kept fighting the whole game. Going into the fourth quarter we were down by six points, and we knew if we had any shot at winning this, we had to pick up the defense.

The fourth quarter was just like whole game before that, going back and forth, giving all we got to win the game. It came down to the final seconds of the game to decide the winner. Both teams playing their hearts out on the courts. We had the ball with three seconds left under their basket, down by one point. Our coach called a time out and designed a play for us to run. The play was for me to get the ball and take the game winning shot. I knew that I had all the confidence in my teammates to make the shot.  The ball was inbounded to me, I took the shot, and it went in. It was a feeling I would never forget. We played hard the whole game, and came out with the win.

Even as kids the feeling of success by working hard and never quitting is something that we took with us for the rest of our lives. Working as a team showed us that we can’t win games if we don’t work as a team. That nobody can play by themselves and expect to win.

I believe that kids should play sports to teach them what team work and working hard does, and how it feels when you accomplish something. I believe that as kids being taught how to work together only increases your chances of success, not just in sports, but in life. By having that feeling of success as a fifth grader, showed me how sports isn’t just about playing a game.


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