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Listen Up

on February 29, 2012

I took a seat on the Coach bus and became aware of all the chatter going on around me. My junior classmates were so excited for this trip to look around Chicago, go to Second City, eat dinner and play games at the ESPN Zone, not to mention end the night with a Blue Man Group concert.  My friend seemed the most excited as she took a seat next to me on the bus and wouldn’t stop talking. That is, she wouldn’t stop talking until she got a text message. I started to say something to her, when her phone buzzed. She half-listened to me as she started to text the person back.  Fine, if she won’t listen to me, I just won’t say anything.

For a while, there was an awkward silence as we didn’t talk to each other. I think she knew I was annoyed. After a couple minutes, I tried to move past it; after all, it didn’t seem like she meant to hurt me. However, the situation made me realize the importance of listening to others. In my own case, I try to be careful not to text when I’m with people. If I do need to text, I tell them who I’m texting and why I’m texting the person. This is only one way in which people can listen to others better. Even in this fast-paced society, where everybody is busy doing their own thing, the day presents many circumstances where we can listen to what people want to say.

Essentially, people need to listen to others and pay full attention to what other people have to say. People deserve to be listened to because each person has dignity and should be respected. Listening is a way of letting others know we respect them. When we do not listen to people the way we should, it hurts our relationships with them because we act as if we don’t care. Checking the phone every second seems far less important than maintaining strong friendships with those around us.


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